About Us

Ronnie & Joan Byers opened ‘Byers Self Service Market’ in Williamsport, MD in 1959. It was a small general store which offered subs, sandwiches, groceries, and just about everything else they could get their hands on. From the beginning, Ronnie’s motto was “Yes, we have it!” At the age of 10, their son Mike Byers started his involvement with the store by standing on a wooden Barq’s Root Beer pop box to slice lunch meat for customers. The customers and salesmen always loved Mike. Through his childhood and young adult years, Mike followed in Ronnie's footsteps at the store in Williamsport.  In November 1987,  Ronnie and Mike opened a second Byers' location on Burhans Boulevard in Hagerstown, MD. In 1994 Mike and Kelli (Mike's wife) took over the business from Ronnie and are now the sole owners. Over the years, the Burhans Boulevard location became the core focus of the business, and is the sole location today. It is still a family owned and operated business and has now served the city of Hagerstown for 30 years. 

As a family, they are dedicated to providing the best service and selection possible to their customers. As Ronnie stated "Yes, we have it!" in 1959, the Byers family can proudly say today that "Yes, we still have it!"

Byers Market Faqs

What are your hours of operation (store & check cashing)?

Since 1987 our store has been open continuously to best serve our customers!
Our store is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! 
Check cashing hours are : 7am to 11pm

Do you cash personal checks?

No, we do not cash personal checks.

What are check cashing fee's?

State & Government Check: 2% or $3.00
Payroll Check: 2.75% or $3.00
Post Dated Check: 4% or $5.00
Payroll Checks Over $1,000: 3%
Money Order: 4% or $3.00
Cashier’s Check: 4% or $5.00
Insurance Check: 4% or $5.00
Refund Check: 4% or $5.00

One-Time Membership Fee (new customers only)
*No Personal Checks*

What are today's special's, soups, and sides?

Please check out the 'Online Ordering' tab above .

What are the winning lottery numbers?

Please click the link to find out the current winning lottery numbers.

Do you sell money orders?

Yes, we sell Western Union Money Orders. They are $1 for each money order.

Are you hiring?

Byers Market is always in search of energetic and motivated candidates. Please visit our careers tab for more information and a link to our online application!